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Our high-end limo buses can hold up to 47 seated passengers and reach up to 40' in length. Entertainer buses can be equipped with DVD players, TV monitors, entertainment systems, luggage racks, upgraded seats and fabrics, special lighting and many other options. All luxury buses are available in gas or diesel and can be converted to run using alternative fuels.
Tour Bus
Federal Coach Spirit 27
Turtle Top Odyssey
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Xpress Executive Bus
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Custom Limo Bus
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Federal Executive Limo Bus
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Turtle Top Odyssey
Turtle Top Odyssey
Tour Bus Configuration

  • Customizable Seating Options
  • Available with Interior, Under Floor, or Rear Luggage Storage
  • Non CDL Floor Plans
  • Mutiple Upgrades and Accessories Availablet
  • Passenger Capacity up to 49 Passenger Seats*
  • Alternative Fuel Options in CNG, Propane, and Hybrid
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